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Three clocks hang on the office wall.
The white one has stopped. The black one keeps ticking on.
Above them the red one is going backwards.
The fairy tale has started.

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The Fiction

For a while in 2011 the words above and the image that they projected forced their way into my thoughts as I woke up each morning. They haunted me. Along with them came ideas about something, a story of sorts, but I was no writer and had no intention of becoming one. Nevertheless I couldn’t shake them out of my mind. Eventually I gave in and started to write. What I offer in this section is the latest version of my efforts. I make no apologies for the quality of the writing but am led to believe that it is tolerably good by the very few people who have read it. Others have not been able to grasp its nature though and have given up trying. It will cost you nothing but a little wasted time to try yourself, but do keep an eye on the clocks that seem to rule our lives.

As the words suggest the story is about people working in an office, not a promising subject. On the other hand, if one wants to discover gentle fantasies that deviate from reality then an office within a large organisation is a promising place to look. Many have their own strange rules and seem somehow cut off from the reality outside. The people who work there may not see the big picture, how what they do affects that greater reality, but they trust that somebody higher up in the organisation has a plan and that there will be benefits. That is another peculiarity of such an occupation, the fringe benefits, although opinions can differ about just how valuable they may be. If you can tolerate experiencing the tedious boredom of the familiar routine in such a place, then maybe you will stay around long enough to share in the occasional excitement, like the staff having to work overtime. Equally, if you sense that the subject is being treated none too seriously, then perhaps you will understand how I exorcised the ghosts that were haunting me.

The entire story, which I may never write in full, is potentially in six parts equating to a trilogy of conventional novels, but this is the Internet and such conventions aren’t that important, only the time that you can spare. The entire trilogy is called The Hermes Culture and the first novel is Never Upon A Time, but currently only the first part of that is available here. Nevertheless it does contain an entire story, the main source of my haunting experience. Whether I write any more now that the ghosts are at rest depends on whether anyone wants to read it. Haunted by readers I might be motivated to do so. Therefore if you feel that I should, please send me a short note of encouragement via electronic mail. That is all the repayment for which I ask. As I am the reticent scribe here and the website has a Latin name send your message to Scriptor at Mens Temporum UK. You know the proper format in which to do that.

Never Upon A Time
(Part one)


This is always the latest edition of the story. A choice of formats is offered on the next page.
A much earlier and longer version appears in The Facts, but only for reference purposes.